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"Miranda" by Grace Livingston Hill

Grace Livingston Hill's "Miranda"is the last book of the "Marcia Schuyler" trilogy. In this book, we learn about Miranda Griscomb's past as she tries to avoid an unpleasant future.

While we present several of these Edward Lamson Henry images in color, they originally appeared in tinted monochrome (except for the color frontispiece). The web doesn't do Henry's vivid colors justice. There's nothing more amazing than standing in front of a real E. L. Henry masterpiece—the colors are breathtaking!

The Early Days of Rapid Transit

"Miranda Was All Ready, Seated on the Front Stoop
with Her Bandbox Beside Her"

An early version of WAITING FOR THE STAGE
E .L.. Henry"
~ Color Frontispiece


A Virginia Wedding

"At That Moment They Came In Sight of the Tavern,
and Saw the Crowd Gathered and the Speaker
Already in the Midst of His Speech"

The right half of GETTING OUT THE VOTE
E.L.. Henry, 1913
Monochrome plate from a J. B. Lippincott First Edition


Crossing the Ferry by E.L. Henry

"His Eyes Fell Upon a Single Figure Standing in Front of a Billboard
on Which "HENRY CLAY" Stood Out in Large Letters

ELECTION DAY ~ November 5, 1844 between Henry Clay and James Polk
E. L.. Henry
, 1914
Monochrome plate from a J. B. Lippincott First Edition

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